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Join over 500 raving fans who receive our latest variety book packs automatically throughout the year.

Every variety pack contains 40 brand new softcover library quality titles, and we'll never send you the same books twice.

We offer 3 different packs per year...

2 x Picture Book Packs and 1 x Primary Non Fiction Packs.

We have On Approval and Firm Sale subscription options too! 

We know you've got questions...

How do I decide between On Approval & Firm Sale?

Choosing Firm Sale will save you $150 but there is no return option.
Choosing On Approval will offer you the safety of being able to return any titles you don't want, however the price is slightly higher. (Still half RRP though!)

How do I know the books will be any good?

Our chief book selector James Layton has been choosing great children's books for over 25 years, and as he says himself; "I'm really good at it" so you're in good hands. 

What if there's a few titles I don't like?

Firm Sale subscriptions aren't offered on approval, but the savings benefit resulting from fewer returns at our end can be passed directly to you. So you save the money, we save the work. Having said that, if you kick n' scream over some titles you don't like, we'll help you out. At the end of the day we're pretty nice here.

When will the books arrive?

We send new packs every March, May & August. 

Can I cancel anytime or am I trapped for life?

You can cancel anytime by simply letting us know by phone or email.

Do I get Steak Knives with this offer?

Hmmm.... An Educator with steak knives, what could possibly go wrong?

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