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How it works...

We offer 3 different 'on approval' variety packs each year containing our latest 40 titles.

You can choose to receive any or all of the packs on offer.

Picture Books Packs are released in March and August, and our primary Non-Fiction Pack is released in May.

Return labels are supplied so you can return any titles you don't need, however, there is a minimum commitment of 10 books in order to stay on standing order.

Our usual price scale applies
1-19 books $9.50 each
20-39 books $8.50 each
All 40 titles $7.50 each

We'll never send you the same books twice, and you can cancel anytime.

Do I get Steak Knives with this offer?
Hmmm.... An Educator with steak knives, what could possibly go wrong?

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