• Record-Breaking Bugs - Flying Insects
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  • Record-Breaking Bugs - Flying Insects

by Matt Turner and Santiago Calle

210mm x 270mm

32 Pages

Published by Hungry Tomato

Flying insects hold one of the great keys to survival: wings. These powerful structures turn bugs into jewels and make for amazing aerial acrobatics.

Get close to discover how:

-the hummingbird hawk moth dodges predators as it feeds

- honeybees dance to show where food rich flowers are

- one emperor dragonfly camouflages itself on the wing

and many more hunting, feeding and flying tricks take place in mid air all the time. Superb photographs, a fun comic strip style and brilliant text, humming with facts, relate the stories of master builder wasp and bees, carnivorous robber flies, and butterfly pupae disguised as leaves. It's enough to make you wish you had wings too!

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Record-Breaking Bugs - Flying Insects

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