• Record-Breaking Bugs - Magnificent Mini Bugs
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  • Record-Breaking Bugs - Magnificent Mini Bugs

by Matt Turner and Santiago Calle

210mm x 270mm

32 Pages

Published by Hungry Tomato

Some of the most powerful creatures are also the smallest! Some share our homes, such as the woodlouse and centipede; others are microbugs that can only be seen clearly under a microscope.

Here you'll find:

- fleas that can jump 30,000 times on-stop

- millipedes that make cyanide

- nits found on 3,000 year old mummies

and many more tiny but tough customers. Brilliant photography brings you face to face with these mini monsters, while a fun comic strip style and gripping text introduce the indestructible tardigrade or water bear, the sea spider which has guts in its legs, and ticks that taste with their toes. There's no escaping them!

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Record-Breaking Bugs - Magnificent Mini Bugs

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