• Record-Breaking Bugs - Super Spiders
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  • Record-Breaking Bugs - Super Spiders

by Matt Turner and Santiago Calle

210mm x 270mm

32 Pages

Published by Hungry Tomato

With their unique ability to spin silk that is stronger than steel, spiders make cunning traps and trip wires, as well as beautiful orb webs.

This book brings you up close to these brilliant engineers, aerial acrobats and super - successful predators.

Discover the:

- trapdoor spider that can pull 38 times its own weight

- diving bell spider that lives its whole life in water - but it needs air to breath!

- spiders that look like bird droppings or beetles

and many more. Dramatic photography, a fun comic strip-style and lively text let you into some fascinating spidery secrets. So stop by and look next time you see a web glittering in the sun, and its buys architect dangling by a thread...

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Record-Breaking Bugs - Super Spiders

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