• Record-Breaking Bugs - Amazing Insects
  • Look Inside
  • Record-Breaking Bugs - Amazing Insects

by Matt Turner and Santiago Calle

210mm x 270mm

32 Pages

Published by Hungry Tomato

There are not only ten quintillion insects alive at any one time - they have been around for nearly 400 million years!

So step inside and get close to Earth's great survivors, many of which live in armies and colonies.

You'll find that

- if a bulldog ant is cut in two, the head and the abdomen will fight each other

- the mantis looks exactly like a flower or a rotten leaf

- there are more species of beetle than any other animal group on Earth

and much more. The stories of ant armies, leaf insects, tower building termites and flashing fireflies are told in stunning photographs, a fun-comic strip style and lively text. Insects Rule!

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Record-Breaking Bugs - Amazing Insects

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