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  • Wild About Space - HARDCOVER

by Steve Parker, Sue Becklake
Pages: 160
Age: 7+
297mm x 228mm
Format: Hardback with embossing, foil blocking, iridescent foil
Published by Miles Kelly
Wild About Space voyages through the Universe, exploring the Solar System, stars and distant galaxies to find out how stars are born, what goes on at an observatory, and how spacecraft have explored the Moon, planets, asteroids and comets.
- Bite-sized paragraphs, packed with interesting facts
- Detailed diagrams and cutaways to help understanding
- Projects and quizzes encourage fun learning
Wild About Space is a brilliant book, bursting with illustrations and amazing photographs whilst the engaging text is presented in numbered paragraphs. Feature panels throughout provide fun facts, cartoons, quizzes and activities.

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Wild About Space - HARDCOVER

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