• Fiendish Rulers - A Shogun's Manual
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  • Fiendish Rulers - A Shogun's Manual

by Catherine Chambers and Ryan Pentney

210mm x 270mm

32 Pages

Published by Hungry Tomato

A Shogun's Manual for ruling his Domain

Ruthless and brave, that's me, ruler of all Japan. You bow low, but I know you are no samurai - so I honour you with my iron-fisted rules for keeping in power, not just for my own great self but my great dynasty. I'll show you how:

- the samurai code is my life - it inspires terror

- my soaring castle has massive defences

- uprisings, upstarts and impudent pirates are stamped on at once

Then I must have riches galore, adorn glorious temples and eat rice that is polished as my katana. All adds yp to one stunning shogun, no?

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Fiendish Rulers - A Shogun's Manual

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