• Fiendish Rulers - A King's Manual
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  • Fiendish Rulers - A King's Manual

by Catherine Chambers and Ryan Pentney

210mm x 270mm

32 Pages

Published by Hungry Tomato

A King's Manual for ruling his Kingdom

I am one of the great medieval kings of Europe and l'll show you just how I got here - and intend to stay! Some essential rules:

- building the mightiest castles and fighting machines

- keeping an eye on scheming courtiers and annoying neighbours

- charging into battle at head of my army in the shiniest armour

Keeping crown firmly on one's head is no royal picnic. I can tell you - though I do enjoy some sparkly pageantry and picking off my nobles at the joust. Ha, you are very lucky I'm telling you all my secrets. It's because I have nothing to fear from you - have I...?

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Fiendish Rulers - A King's Manual

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