• Fiendish Rulers - An Emperor's Manual
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  • Fiendish Rulers - An Emperor's Manual

by Catherine Chambers and Ryan Pentney

210mm x 270mm

32 Pages

Published by Hungry Tomato

An Emperor's Manual for ruling his Empire

My Empire stretches all the way from the sunny Mediterranean to northern Europe. Yes, I can see you're impressed, so I will tell you how I keep it under the all powerful imperial thumb.

- Need more riches? Conquer more lands.

- Plagued by plotters and traitors? Banish them to freezing Britain

- Want to be remembered forever? Build mighty arches and gorgeous villas.

And by the way. I'm street wise, too - so there are no unruly mobs out there. I give the plebs quite enough bread and declare public holidays, with gladiatorial treats in the arena. You must agree, this is a brilliant plan for endless empire and glory... what could possible go wrong?

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Fiendish Rulers - An Emperor's Manual

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