by John Farndon, Barbara Taylor
Pages: 64
Age: 8+
279mm x 214mm
Published by Miles Kelly
The Ultimate Guide Ocean supports young learners aged 8+ in their quest to discover everything they need to know about the world’s oceans.
- Your child can take a close-up look inside 5 animals using the acetate pages 
- Packed with facts and information, artwork and photos
- Two large posters
The fully illustrated book is split into seven key sections, and text is presented as easy-to-read bullet points. Topics explored include marine life, ships and boats, ocean geography and the impact of human behaviour on this vast environment. Five colourful acetate pages, each featuring a different animal, allow kids to peel back the layers to uncover more information. In addition, there are two large colour posters, one detailing ocean depths and the creatures that live in them and another focusing on coral reefs.

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The Ultimate Guide Ocean - HARDCOVER

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