Frequently Asked Questions

Does the subscription price include shipping?

Yes it sure does! The subscription price means delivered to your door.

Here’s a pic of the envelope that will be coming your way.

Your kids are going to love receiving this personally addressed package every month!

Can I cancel anytime or am I trapped for life?

All the subscription control is in your hands. To cancel your subscription simply login to your account and click cancel. Alternatively you can cancel directly with your payment provider like PayPal and our system will automatically update. You will get an email from us, and also your payment provider to confirm your cancellation.

What about the quality of the books?

We've been selecting and sourcing quality picture story books for the education market for over 25 years. Learning Discovery sells to over 10,000 Australian educators every year with rave reviews. Over many years we have established and maintained great relationships with Australia & the UK’s best children’s publishers, so we’re offered the best of what they produce.

What if I don’t like the book/s you send?

We’re fairly easy going here and we’d rather keep a customer than lose one, so if you have any issues with anything we send please contact us and we’ll sort it for you. We also love feedback, so we’d love to hear what you & your children think of each title.